Abstract Archive: Management/Leadership

SEVT 2017
eSports Venues: A New Business Opportunity
Seth Jenny, Winthrop University; R. Douglas Manning, University of Southern Mississippi; Margaret Keiper, Northwood University; Dylan Williams, University of Alabama; Blake Taylor, Winthrop University;
Barriers and Demotivators for Adopting Environmentally Sustainable Practices in Venues
Walker Ross, University of South Carolina; Haylee Mercado, University of South Carolina
SEVT 2016
Emotional Labor and Team Commitment for Part-time Employees
Michael Odio, University of Cincinnati; Andrew Goldsmith, Coastal Carolina University; Kimberly Mahoney, University of New Haven
An Empirical Analysis of the Effect of Tommy John Surgery on MLB Pitchers' Payroll Metrics: Make or Buy Payroll Economics
Tom Regan, University of South Carolina; Kenneth Teed, University of West Georgia
Professional sports teams’ marketing efforts in Columbus, Ohio
Joseph Ross, University of Cincinnati; Michael Odio, University of Cincinnati
How Carpet Became Acceptable Again: The Re-Invention of Artificial Turf in American Football Stadia
Patrick Tutka, Niagara University; Dylan Williams, University of Alabama