SEVT 2018F
Economics And Finance
Returns on Performance: Stock Price and the Chinese Super League
Zeqing Mao, University of South Carolina; Nicholas M. Watanabe, University of South Carolina; Brian P. Soebbing, University of Alberta
The Economic State of the State Fair – it’s 150 Anniversary
Tom Regan, University of South Carolina; Haylee Mercado, University of South Carolina
Event Management And Production
The mediating effects of sense of home and authentic experience on spectators’ sensory experiences at sporting events
Yongjin Hwang, Arkansas State University; Wanyong Choi, University of North Florida
Participation in Youth Running Events: The Role of Parental Involvement and Satisfaction
Michelle Redmond, Old Dominion University; Lynn Ridinger, Old Dominion University
Exploring Work-Integrated Learning: A Case Study in Course-Driven Management of a Not-for-Profit Sporting Event
Gregg Rich, Georgia Southern University; Christopher R. Barnhill, Georgia Southern University; Chris Hanna, Georgia Southern University
Nachos for peanuts: A case study examination of the Atlanta Falcons’ concessions pricing
Mark Slavich, Grand View University; Dylan Williams, University of Alabama
Facility Management
Virtual Reality Training for Sport & Entertainment Venues
Michael Kanters, NC State University; Kyle Bunds, NC State University; Michael Cuales, NC State University
Labor movement for part-time and seasonal workers at Cincinnati sport and entertainment venues: A case study
Michael Odio, University of Cincinnati; Kimberly Mahoney, University of New Haven
Legal Issues
Senior Bicyclists’ Knowledge of Bicycle Laws
Yoojung Rhee, Gallaudet University; Daniel Connaughton, University of Florida
Marketing, Advertising And Promotion
Self-reported gambling behavior and perceptions of sports betting in the United States
Brendan Dwyer, VCU; Stephen Shapiro, University of South Carolina; Joris Drayer, Temple University
Running Past Segmentation: The Creation of Road Race Participant Personas
Greg Greenhalgh, VCU; Brendan Dwyer, VCU; Carrie LeCrom, VCU; Chad Goebert, VCU; Jen Gellock, VCU
Joni M. Boyd, Winthrop University; Jinwook (Jason) Chung, Winthrop University; Andrew Montgomery, Winthrop University
Decision-Making for Active Sport Event Tourism: Running Events Participation
Erica Dolinting, University of Florida; Kyriaki Kaplanidou, University of Florida
Lions, Tigers, and Bears - Oh Why?
Jackie Hague, University of South Carolina; Andy Gillentine, University of South Carolina
"Remember When..." Examining Nostalgia as a motive for Pre & Post game event participation
Christopher Scroggins, University of South Carolina; Mark Slavich, Grand View University; Andy Gillentine, University of South Carolina
College Sport Rebranding: 1948-2017
Richard M. Southall, University of South Carolina; Mark S. Nagel, University of South Carolina
Risk Management
Proposing a metric to measure Olympic development sustainability
Tim Koba, University of South Carolina; Hua Gong, University of South Carolina; Walker Ross, University of South Carolina; John Grady, University of South Carolina
Gaps in Practice: Sustainability Reporting in the Sport Industry
Brian P. McCullough, Seattle University; Jamee Pelcher, Western Carolina University
Ticketing And Guest Services
Website Information Quality and Consumer Purchase Intention: Experience-Based Baseball Ticketing Website Model
Jiho Kim, Wingate University; Minyong Lee, North Carolina A&T State University; Jinwook (Jason) Chung, Winthrop University; Brian H Yim, Kent State University; Mark Lyberger, Kent State University