Abstract Archive: SEVT 2018

SEVT 2018
Corporate Sponsorship
A New Approach to Measuring Sport Sponsorship Fit: Brand Personality Associations
Kelly Evans, University of South Carolina; Matthew Brown, University of South Carolina
The Psychic Benefits of Adaptive Sport and the Effect on Sponsorship
Christopher Scroggins, University of South Carolina; Fei Gao, University of South Carolina
Economics And Finance
Private Consumption Benefits Based on Level of Involvement: College Basketball Game Experience
Anthony Dixon, Troy University; Gi-Yong Koo, Troy University; Jennifer Stoll, Troy University; Mona Mirehie, University of Florida
The Impact of the NBA Tanking Strategy on Game Attendance
Hua Gong, University of South Carolina
Oscillating Migration Patterns: Transnational Competition Levels of US Born Basketball Players
Victor Kidd, University of South Carolina; Tim Koba, University of South Carolina
Assessing the Financial and Economic Impact of the 2017 PGA Championship at Quail Hollow Club
Tom Regan, University of South Carolina; Todd Koesters, University of South Carolina
Event Management And Production
Exploring Sport Participants’ Event and Destination Choices
Thomas Aicher, University of Cincinnati; Brianna Newland, University of Delaware
Marketing, Advertising And Promotion
Examining Impact of Intercollegiate Basketball Fans’ Points of Attachment and Psychic Income on Word-of-Mouth, Social Media, and Attendance Behavior
Jinwook Jason Chung, Winthrop University; Yong Chae Rhee, Washington State University; Dan Drane, Winthrop University; Min Kil Kim, Troy University; Tae Ho Kim, Washington State University
eSports Players’ Motivation to Participate and Watch an eSports Event
Henry Evans, Washington State University; Yong Chae Rhee (Advisor), Washington State University
Using Impression Management to Predict Attendance and Ticket Sales
Sachin Khurana, Mercer University; Lane Wakefield (Advisor), Mercer University
Benefits of Writing for Passion, not for Promotion
Adam Cohen, University of Technology Sydney; Khalid Ballouli, University of South Carolina
External Funding in Sport Management: A Review by Experts
Bob Heere, University of South Carolina
Mentorship as a Socialization Tactic in the Sport Industry
Evelyn Jara-Pazmino, University of South Carolina
Case Study: Use of Decision Tree Method in Sport Management
Ceyda Mumcu, University of New Haven; Kimberly Mahoney, University of New Haven
College Sport Degree Completion Programs: A Closer Look
Mark Nagel, University of South Carolina; Alexandra Boehnlein, University of South Carolina; Sarah Walrath, University of South Carolina
The State of Child Fan Research: An Examination of the Current Literature and Directions for the Future
Katherine R.N. Reifurth, University of South Carolina; Bob Heere (Advisor), University of South Carolina
Sport Tourism and runDisney: An Analysis of Participant Motivations Through Achievement Goal Orientations
Brenda Riemer, Eastern Michigan University; Erica Zonder, Eastern Michigan University; Cheryl Rode, Niagara University
The Structure and Function of Sport Management Internships: Rigor, Supervision, Faculty Compensation, Placements, and Related Professional Practice
Hal Walker, Elon University; Steven Carney, Saint Leo University; Jon Lim, Minnesota State University; Bryan Romsa, South Dakota State University; Katelyn Romsa, South Dakota State University; Young Do Kim, Elon University; Paige Cunningham, Elon University
On Addressing Willingness to Pay for Checkout Charity at Sport Events
Walker Ross, University of South Carolina; Kelly Evans, University of South Carolina; Haylee Mercado (Advisor), University of South Carolina
Risk Management
The Distraction Theory v the Baseball Rule: Regardless of Your Belief Foul Balls Still Hurt
Robin Ammon, University of South Dakota; Ravan Kott, University of South Dakota
Sport Teams as Sustainable Assets in our Communities: The Role of Gratitude in Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability
Young Do Kim, Elon University; Hal Walker, Elon University; Paige Cunningham, Elon University