Abstract Archive: SEVT 2016

SEVT 2016
Legal Aspects
Sport Spectators with Disabilities: Risk Management Recommendations for an Overlooked Population
John Miller, Troy University; Andy Gillentine, University of South Carolina; Karen Pettus, University of South Carolina; John Grady, University of South Carolina
Emotional Labor and Team Commitment for Part-time Employees
Michael Odio, University of Cincinnati; Andrew Goldsmith, Coastal Carolina University; Kimberly Mahoney, University of New Haven
An Empirical Analysis of the Effect of Tommy John Surgery on MLB Pitchers' Payroll Metrics: Make or Buy Payroll Economics
Tom Regan, University of South Carolina; Kenneth Teed, University of West Georgia
Professional sports teams’ marketing efforts in Columbus, Ohio
Joseph Ross, University of Cincinnati; Michael Odio, University of Cincinnati
How Carpet Became Acceptable Again: The Re-Invention of Artificial Turf in American Football Stadia
Patrick Tutka, Niagara University; Dylan Williams, University of Alabama
Branding the Farm: An Investigation of Minor League Baseball Affiliate’s Relationships to Their Parent Clubs
Dorothy Collins, University of South Carolina; Henry Wear, University of South Carolina; Mark Nagel, University of South Carolina
Early Insights into Understanding Rule 40 for Rio 2016
John Grady, University of South Carolina; Anthony Carson, University of South Carolina; Khalid Ballouli, University of South Carolina
The Effectiveness of In-game billboards in a Sports Video Game
Yongjin Hwang, University of South Carolina; Khalid Ballouli, University of South Carolina
Motivations and Fan Engagement Related to Spectatorship of Short Track Motor Racing
Todd Koesters, University of South Carolina; Matthew Bernthal, University of South Carolina; Katherine Reifurth, University of South Carolina
GrouponLive: A Look at the Concert Ticketing Partnership between Live Nation and Groupon
Armen Shoamian, University of South Carolina; Carey Christensen, California State University Northridge
Camping for the Need of Speed: An Analysis of the Motivations of NASCAR Fanatics to Camp at Racing Events
Dylan Williams, University of Alabama; Cheryl Rode, Ohio Dominican University; Mark Slavich, Virginia Commonwealth University
Sport Team Mascots as Communication Tools: Determinants of Mascot Twitter Followers
Youngmin Yoon, University of Florida; Shintaro Sato, Georgia Southern University; Andrew Goldsmith, Coastal Carolina University
The Social Impact of the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympic: A 20-year perspective
Thomas Aicher, University of Cincinnati; Brianna Newland, University of Delaware
Relationship between residents’ perceived social impacts and event support: A case of 2104 FIFA World Cup
Wonyoung Kim, Wichita State University; Rafael Andreis, UNISUL; Minkil Kim, Troy University; Dan Drane, Winthrop University; Mauro Palmero, University of Missouri
Facility Trends in NCAA Division I Athletics: An Annual Report
Heather Lawrence-Benedict, Ohio University; Nick Smith, Ohio University; Travis Misner, Ohio University; Ryan White, Ohio University
A Grounded Theory Approach to Understanding How Children Connect to Professional Sports Teams on Game Day
Katherine Reifurth, University of South Carolina; Matthew Bernthal, University of South Carolina; Bob Heere, University of South Carolina
Examining the Sustainability Legacy of Atlanta’s 1996 Olympic Games
Walker Ross, University of Georgia; Becca Leopkey, University of Georgia; Dana Ellis, Laurentian University